Design Remodeling and Construction Denver


 Pre-planning for your construction and remodel project-
We can not emphasize this enough; Designate the remodeling area of your home or office and clearly define the scope of services. At the remodeling pre-planning stage, you will be working with the three professionals that make up Trinity Construction and Remodeling, LLC in Denver.  When remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or basement, a full CAD design will be created. After careful scrutiny between the kitchen designer, the construction remodeler, the interior design planner and you giving the final approval of that plan will begin the remodeling and construction phase. All workers and any vendors will have precise measurements of that final design plan to follow. We work with you to make a list, establish a remodeling calendar, we get you connected with appliance vendors, flooring providers and we source all your needs.  We will check all of the blocks before one bit of demolition begins. 

You will know your tasks, you will be assured that we keep you and the project on track.


Working with a remodeling and construction firm in Denver that has the trio of experience as Trinity Construction and Remodeling does, your remodeling project will be planned, designed and launched by tapping each of the departments of Trinity Construction and Remodel.  We are literally hands-on in all phases of the services needed. You are assured that a vested professional will be on your project from the start to the finish.   From demolition to plumbing, tile setting, walls, flooring, all services are done with our remodeler/owner.    

Sourcing and Design

When doing a home remodel, planning a kitchen or bath remodel, finding the sources and knowing what to do next is critical to keeping the project flowing. When working with our sourcing and design consulting associate you will be introduced to our professional alliances in the Denver area. From appliances to flooring. From lighting to creative color and style. You will have your own design associate working with you to assist you in creating your personal look and feel. All of the contacts and information will be at your fingertips. You are able to work directly with our associates, go to the companies on your own time, and have customized attention with each supplier.